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AVALANCHE white is an opaque white for pritning onto cotton and poly/cotton blends.

-Direct printing-Light, Medium & dark colored garments-Cotton/polyester blends-Features-Smooth Body-Quick Flashing-Vibrant White-Good opacity for coverage-Good bleed resistance
General Info:
Avalanche White is an economical, general purpose white that provides good coverage and some bleed
resistance on those pesky cotton/polyester blends. Even though this white is categorized as economical,
its soft body still allows it to be printed as easily as our premium whites This white is very similar to our Brite
White with the exception the body is not as creamy and slightly thicker in viscosity.


Mesh: 86-260

Stencil: Any direct emulsion or capillary film.

Wet on Wet Printing: Can be printed wet-on-wet to increase production.


puff use Puff Additive (I10-9903), extend color use Soft-hand Base (I10-0111) & for suede puff
or dulling use Suede Additive (I10-9907).


To reduce viscosity use Curable Reducer (I10-9906), improve stretch use G&S Base
Squeegee Hardness & Angle: Medium to hard at a 45 degree angle.


Flashing: 700ºF for 3 seconds, just enough so the surface is tack free.
Squeegee Blade: Sharp.
decreased. For heat presses use 390ºF/195ºC for 8 seconds.
325ºF/175ºC for 1 to 1 ½ minutes. Oven temperature can be increased and dwell time
Bleed Resistance: Good
Opacity: High

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