Posijet plus(A4) 8.2"X11.88" 1BOX $30 4 OR MORE BOXES $24.

Posijet plus(A4) 8.2"X11.88" 1BOX $30 4 OR MORE BOXES $24.

Product no.: Posijet Ink jet Flim

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1 sheet(s) = $0.30


  • Suitable for Thermal Ink Jet printer, Suitable for Piezo Ink Jet printer,
  • Suitable for pigment inks which offers improved light stability Suitable for Dye Ink
  • Instant dry coating,
  • For machines equipped with optical sensors
  • High Ink Absorption
  • High visual contrast
  • Dot reproduction = up to 48 L/cm for screen printing application (depending on the combination system, higher screen rulings are possible)
  • Very  fast ink drying
  • Optimal line and point sharpness
  • Wide range of linearization options
  • Good mechanical properties, handling
  • High dimensional stability and accuracy of registration Transparent, slightly matt, nanoporous coating
  • Good compatibility with screen and polymer emulsion surfaces High densityrange:
  • DmaxUV: 3.2 up to > 4 (depending on RIP settings, ink system and measured spectral characteristics of the densitometer)
  • Dmin UV: approx. 0.06 to 0.12 (depending on the measurement characteristics of the densitometer).
  • Offers improved water resistance when compatible with waterbased pigment ink HANDLING
  • Optimal between 15-30°C and 40-60% r.h.
  • A preconditioning period of 24 hours within the printing environment isrecommended.
  • Avoid fingerprints on printing side.
  • For demanding halftone and separation work, we recommend special RIP-Software tools such as Film-MAKER ,COLORGATE-Filmgate, WASATCH, PERFECTPROOF etc in combinationwith LF printers like EPSON Stylus pro (Ultrachrome Photoblack/K3-inks), HP Z-series & CANON iPF-series.
  • For optimisation of halftones a linearization of the printer setting is essential Dye-based image areas (inkjet-printing) show a typical absorption spectrum. Therefore a correct density measurement is possible only with an ultravioletdensitometer (eg. X-Rite369).
  • For printers with two black inks, we recommend using Photo Black / Glossy Black
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