Posijet plus(A3) 11"X17" 1 BOX $45 4 OR MORE BOXES $37 EACH.

Posijet plus(A3) 11"X17" 1 BOX $45 4 OR MORE BOXES $37 EACH.

Product no.: Posijet Ink Jet Flim(A3)

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1 sheet(s) = $0.45

POSIJET PLUS is a 130 micron inkjet film for Pigment & Dye Ink.

Nanoporous coated, clear transparent polyester film for the production of

positive or negative film separations that can then be contact exposed to

silk screens, pad or flexo plates. This version offers even higher ink

absorption and faster drying times and an even greater UV density range

with the optimisation of print settings. Images dry super fast due to a highly

porous coating ensuring print speeds are further optimised. The film meets

the highest demands with regard to image registration accuracy,

dimensional stability.


 Suitable for Thermal Ink Jet printer, Suitable for Piezo Ink Jet printer,

 Suitable for pigment inks which offers improved light stability Suitable for Dye Ink

 Instant dry coating,

 For machines equipped with optical sensors

 High Ink Absorption

 High visual contrast

 Dot reproduction = up to 48 L/cm for screen printing application (depending on the combination system, higher screen

rulings are possible)

 Very fast ink drying

 Optimal line and point sharpness

 Wide range of linearization options

 Good mechanical properties, handling

 High dimensional stability and accuracy of registration Transparent, slightly matt, nanoporous coating

 Good compatibility with screen and polymer emulsion surfaces High density range:

 DmaxUV: 3.2 up to > 4 (depending on RIP settings, ink system and measured spectral characteristics of the densitometer)

 Dmin UV: approx. 0.06 to 0.12 (depending on the measurement characteristics of the densitometer).

 Offers improved water resistance when compatible with waterbased pigment ink


 Optimal between 15-30°C and 40-60% r.h.

 A preconditioning period of 24 hours within the printing environment is recommended.

 Avoid fingerprints on printing side.

 For demanding halftone and separation work, we recommend special RIP-Software tools such as Film-MAKER

,COLORGATE-Filmgate, WASATCH, PERFECTPROOF etc in combinationwith LF printers like EPSON Stylus pro

(Ultrachrome Photoblack/K3-inks), HP Z-series & CANON iPF-series.

 For optimisation of halftones a linearization of the printer setting is essential Dye-based image areas (inkjet-printing) show a

typical absorption spectrum. Therefore a correct density measurement is possible only with an ultravioletdensitometer (eg. X-

Rite 369).

 For printers with two black inks, we recommend using Photo Black / Glossy Black

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