Screen Printing Equipment

Ranar mfg. Inc. est. in 1971 is a manufacturer of screen printing equipment. We sell quality and affordable silk screening machines for the t-shirt, textile, and garment printing industry. We have manual or automatic multi color screen printing presses. We also offer Conveyor dryers using electric heat or hot air convection heat to cure plastisol or water base textile screen printing inks. For your Pre-press / dark room equipment: film output systems, screen storage racks, job carts, wash out booths/sinks; for reclaiming: dip tanks and filtration systems. We have Screen exposure units to burn high resolution screen images into emulsions. Also Infrared flash cure or air Flash dryer units for spot curing or under base screen printed inks. Heat transfer presses to apply foils and hot peel transfers and sublimations. Screen printing parts, attachments, and accessories for sports numbering and athletic cap printing.

Starting a Silk Screen Printing Business ranar_SmallBusiness_pack

Starting a t-shirt printing business is not just about buying some screen printing equipment it's about having a partner to help you succeed and grow your business. Ranar has helped thousands of customers start successful silk screening businesses. Buy with confidence knowing we will always be there for you. Our friendly staff has 30 yrs. experience in screen printing, and equipment manufacturing and can help you completely understand the screen printing process start to finish, and assist with the right purchase decision for you. Our lifetime tech support, tips, and after sale advice on the use of our machines, we believe is crucial to your success. If you're new to t-shirt printing we offer many low cost screen printing startup kits for the home hobbyist. Complete entrepreneur and small business silk screening packages or automated shop packages to meet any budget or production need. We offer third-party financing, onsite installation for select locations, hands-on training, educational DVD'S/ books, and screen printing supplies for one stop shopping to ensure your success.


Conveyor Drying Oven Systems

We can manufacture industrial process heating conveyor drying ovens or tunnels for many applications using high intensity ultraviolet UV light,

electric infrared heat, or hot air recirculation systems for any application.

Ranar fabricates and assembles all of our hand crafted screen printing machinery under one roof in Los Angeles CA. USA, and ships worldwide. Our customer

service technicians can be easily reached by phone or email to assist you with any issue. We offer same day shipping on parts to minimize down times.


Infrared Flash Dryers                                                                                                                                                                                 ranar_spot_curer

Infrared flash dryers units are used to flash cure screen printed ink on t-shirts, garments and textiles.  

The most common use for a flash cure is to silk screen plastisol ink on dark t-shirt or textile, then spot cure the 

ink so as to gel the plastisol and apply a second layer of the same color. This makes the color have more opacity

and no bleed thru of the garment color. We manufacture many models from the entry level flash dryer to high production,

high wattage commercial flash cures with a wide range of sizes and wattages.



The XPO-series screen printing exposure units


designed for startup t-shirt printing shops on a budget. There are three models, XPO-2426, XPO-2331, and the XPO-2848. Expose or burn images onto photo emulsions with high output UV Fluorescent lights, with accurate detail. Produce multi-color silk screen printed designs with fine lines or halftones used in four color process with quality film positives. Exposing dual cure, diazo and photopolymers emulsions, plus capillary films are easily done. All of these are commonly used in the textile, graphics, and ad specialty printing industries.

The Ranar XPO-series screen exposure units have a rigid tubular frame with holes in sides where the vacuum draws air from the exposure area. This vacuum frame has a rubber blanket that raises and lowers with gas shocks for easy access. A fast vacuum draws down the neoprene rubber blanket to the clear glass and creates perfect contact between your film positive and screen for clean crisp resolution. An accurate programmable digital timer controls exposure times. We use energy efficient electronic ballasts and unfiltered ultraviolet black light bulbs with 320 nanometers in our screen exposure units. With a flip of a switch the vacuum and ultraviolet lights can be used manually or automatically.


Screen drying cabinets                                                                                                                                   ranar_drying_cabinet

are designed for the screen printing shops pre-press or dark room. Making screens is the most critical part of the t-shirt and graphics of screen printing process. Proper drying of liquid emulsion or capillary films in a dark environment, and the prevention of contaminates, such as dust, dirt, and lint is important to reduce pin holes and image resolution. Ranar offers two models, the SD-2331, and the SD-2848. Screen drying cabinets offer storage to place for your screen frames. To speed the process Ranar Manufacturing has designed, a sealed cabinet air system which picks up moisture and exhausts it. This is done by taking room temperature air thru a filter, warming it with a heater which has a variable control and digital thermometer to monitor the cabinet's interior temperature. Emulsion manufacturers recommend drying screen printing emulsion at temperatures of 90F to 100F degrees with 50% humidity. A blower moves the warmed evenly air across the frames horizontally eliminating build up of excess moisture, this air is then exhausted.